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Complete Guide on MBBS in Ukraine

Updated: Mar 7, 2021

MBBS in Ukraine, Study Abroad, Study MBBS Abroad

About Ukraine

Ukraine is a country situated in eastern Europe. Situated at the northwest end of the Black Sea by sharing its boundaries Belarus to the north, Russia to the east, Poland to the northwest, Romania to the southwest, Hungary and Slovakia to the west, Ukraine is the second-largest country in Europe. Currently it is ranked fourth in terms of the largest number of postgraduates in medicine. The country has some of the best Government medical universities which offer degrees in the field of medicine to both the Ukrainian as well as foreign students. All the medical universities in Ukraine are accredited by famous organizations such as UNESCO as well as WHO.

Why Study MBBS in Ukraine?

Study MBBS in Ukraine, MBBS Consultant, Study Abroad
Why Study MBBS in Ukraine.

Here are some good reasons to study MBBS in Ukraine:

  • No Additional Entrance Exam - Interested students seeking admission in the medical universities of Ukraine do not need to appear for any kind of entrance or admission examination. The only mandatory requirement to enroll in the medical universities of Ukraine is qualifying NEET with passing marks. Students don't even need to worry about IELTS or TOEFL in order to apply in the medical universities of Ukraine.

  • Affordable Cost of Studying - In India, seeking admission in any private medical college to study MBBS which also has a decent infrastructure will cost you at least 80 lakh rupees and sometimes it can go over crores depending on the college and the location of the college. This is just the capitation fee; the regular tuition fee would be charged on the top of this capitation fee every year or every semester completely depending on the college curriculum. Now, if we look at the scenario of MBBS in Ukraine- the pictures seem remarkably better and more affordable for all aspiring Indian medical students, because the total cost of pursuing 6 years of MBBS program (MD which is equivalent to MBBS degree in India) from the top government medical university of Ukraine is just around 20 lakhs.

  • Degrees are recognized by WHO, MCI, UNESCO - All the medical universities offering MBBS in Ukraine are recognized by MCI (Medical Council of India) and are enlisted in WDOMS (World Directory of Medical Schools) and many other medical councils of abroad. Therefore, the graduates from any medical university of Ukraine are eligible to practice their medical career in any country of the world after successfully completing their 6 years MBBS program from Ukrainian medical universities.

  • The medium of instruction is English - Indian students don’t need to be worried about learning another language to study MBBS in Ukraine as all the medical universities of Ukraine offer 6 years MBBS program in the English language. In fact, all the faculty members are well versed with the English language.

  • Affordable Living Expense - We understand that living expense in any country abroad is one of the most concerns every student and parent experience. So, just calm down your anxiety as the cost of living in Ukraine is around 150-180 USD p.m. (approx. 4000-5000 INR). But the cost of living is directly proportional to the lifestyle of the student. The medical universities of Ukraine provide safe and comfortable accommodation to all enrolled Indian medical students which have all the basic and modern amenities which are mandatory for a comfortable stay such as bed, cupboard, Wi-Fi access, kitchen for self-cooking, central cooling and heating system, laundry facility and much more. Indian students also enjoy the added benefit of Indian mess in the hostel premises.

  • Best Student-Teacher Ratio - You will be surprised to know that all the medical universities of Ukraine have 8:1 student-teacher ratio. This shows how much attention every medical university and their faculties are giving towards the education system and students.

  • Excellent Curriculum for Medical Science Courses - All the medical universities of Ukraine follow the international curriculum which overall works in the comprehensive development of every enrolled medical student. These universities of Ukraine also offer vast practical exposure to all enrolled students starting from the first year of the medical program. During their summer training ship, students are allowed to visit the local accredited hospital for practical sessions, during their summer internship program.

Cost of Studying MBBS in Ukraine

MBBS in Ukraine, MBBS Consultant, Study Abroad, Affordable
Cost of Studying in Ukraine

As soon as you start to plan for studying MBBS in foreign countries, one of the major concern is the overall cost of studying as well as the living expenses. In comparison with other countries, Ukraine offers high-quality education at bare minimum prices. Mentioned below are the various costs related to the program:

Details of Expenses:

Tuition Fee

(Total Fee of the program)

$4500 - $7000

(Rs. 3,27,660 - Rs. 5,09,693)


(Per Year)

$1000 - $1500

(Rs. 72,813 - Rs. 1,09,220)

Living Expenses

(Per month)

$ 150

(Rs. 10,922)

Eligibility Criteria

Studying MBBS in Ukraine is comparatively easier to other countries because of its simple eligibility criteria. Before moving forward with the application process, you should know about everything that you will need. Here are the prerequisites as demanded by the Ukrainian universities:

  • Formal schooling of 10+2 with Physics, Chemistry, Biology, and English as main subjects.

  • Candidates must be between 17-25 years of age

  • Applicants must have at least 50% in class12th result whereas students belonging to SC/ST category can have 40%-45%

  • A valid NEET score - If you opt for studying MBBS in Ukraine you need to clear the NEET examination to get through the process.

Now the question remains, how can I get admission in MBBS in Ukraine?

Step by step Admission Process

  1. Firstly you need to fill the university application form and then submit the required documents and admission fee.

  2. After getting admission letter as well as the invitation letter which describes the academic year and details of fee structure, you need to proceed for the next step.

  3. The entire process will take up to 10 days.

  4. After receiving the admission and invitation letter, we will help you out in Visa documentation.

  5. This will take a maximum of 2 to 3 weeks.

  6. Finally, board the flight to Ukraine.

Documents needed for registration

  1. A photocopy of mark sheet of 10+2.

  2. A valid passport

  3. 2 passport size photographs of yours with size 3 * 4 cm, black and white on non-glossy paper.

  4. A copy of the birth certificate

  5. Prepaid expenses of up to $300 of invitation letter and visa support letter.

Top Medical Universities in Ukraine for MBBS

MBBS in Ukraine, MBBS Consultant, Study Abroad, Best Medical University
Kharikiv National Medical University
  1. V.N. Karazin Kharkiv National University

  2. Kyiv Medical University, Kiev Campus

  3. Kharkiv International Medical University, Ukraine

  4. Kharkiv National Medical University

  5. Dnepropetrovsk state medical academy

  6. Zaporozhye State Medical University

  7. Donestk State Medical University

  8. Ternopil State Medical University

  9. Ivano Frankivsk State Medical University

  10. OO Bogomolets Kiev National Medical University, Ukraine

  11. Vinnitsa National Medical University

  12. Odessa National Medical University

  13. Black Sea National University

  14. Sumy State University

  15. Taras Shevchenko National University


MBBS in Ukraine, MBBS Consultant, Study Abroad
KROK Exam in Ukraine

KROK is a Licensing Examination, an obligatory part of state certification for awarding the qualification of doctor or pharmacist. Students who are preparing for the specialties “Medicine”, “Dentistry” and “Pharmacy” pass two separate test exams – KROK-1 and KROK-2. The first examination “KROK–1” consists of basic biomedical sciences, the second – “KROK–2” consists of the basic professionally oriented disciplines. License exam is passed to determine the appropriate level of professional knowledge and skills of students in higher medical (pharmaceutical) educational institutions minimum needed level of qualification according to national qualification requirements. KROK Exam is conducted by the Testing Center of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine. This exam is divided into two parts; KROK–1 and KROK–2.

KROK-1 exam is to be given by the medical students of Ukraine after completing 3rd year, continuing in the 4th year of their studies. KROK-2 exam is to be given by the medical students of Ukraine after completing 6th year. The exam provide license to the foreign medical students.


This is an exam on general logical order. Authorized coordinated exam “KROK-1 General medical training” incorporates test tasks on orders of 1-3 courses.


  • Human Anatomy

  • Biology

  • Pharmacology

  • Histology, Cytology and Embryology

  • Microbiology, Virology and Immunology

  • Physiology

  • Path Physiology

  • Path Morphology

  • Biological Chemistry


The examination for professional-oriented disciplines which corresponds to the training program for professionals in the medical field. Licensed integrated examination "KROK-2. General medical training "includes:

  • 40% of therapeutic profile tasks (Therapy, Infectious Diseases and Epidemiology, Endocrinology, Occupational Diseases, Phthisiatry, Radiology and Radiation Medicine, Psychiatry, Dermatology, Neurology, Clinical Immunology, Clinical Pharmacology),

  • 20% of surgical profile tasks (general surgery, oncology, urology, anesthesiology and critical care medicine, orthopedics and traumatology, otolaryngology, ophthalmology, neurosurgery, pediatric surgery, forensic medicine),

  • 15% of pediatric profile tasks (pediatrics, childhood infections, neonatology),

  • 12.5% of hygiene profile tasks (hygiene, health care organization),

  • 12.5% of obstetrics and gynecology profile tasks.

The criterion "pass / fail" established by the Testing Centre at the level of 60.5%. The number of tests in the booklet - 200, routine time - 200 minutes. All students who received the "not passed" result of KROK-2 exam, are allowed to pass the state graduation exams, but do not receive a certificate of licensing KROK-2 exam. They do not pass state attestation, do not receive the diploma of higher education institution and may retake the licensing KROK-2 exam not earlier than in 1 year.


We hope this blog on MBBS in Ukraine has equipped you with the essential details. Ukraine is always the best choice for students who are interested to study medicine abroad. It has flexibility in terms of admissions and cost. Now, are you among those students who are having a dream to study MBBS in Ukraine? Then what are you waiting for? Get in touch with us and we will help you out in all the possible ways to get admission in the best medical university in Ukraine.

Growshala is the best and most professional MBBS Abroad consultant India with offices in Siliguri, Delhi, Jaipur & Kolkata. We give free counseling and coaching to all MBBS abroad aspirants.

Our team at Growshala will counsel and assist you throughout the admission process in top ranked medical colleges in Ukraine. At Growshala we will help you shortlist the courses and colleges as per your profile and preferences. Our documentation team will make sure that application forms are devoid of any errors and assist you with getting direct admission, education loan and student visa.

It gets even better because here at Growshala provides even other pre departure and post landing assistance.

So what are you waiting for? Just reach out to us to fulfil your dream of studying MBBS in Ukraine.

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