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France is considered one of the ideal study abroad destinations among international students, known for its rich culture, quality higher education, and thriving student life. The capital of France is Paris which is also a crucial commercial and cultural center for the country. France is also known for its prestigious educational system. Besides, France is home to some of the top-notch globally recognized universities which are well known for the interactive environment that brings students from all around the globe, giving them a new, rich experience. Management, engineering, and design courses are some of the popular programs amongst international students, and each year more than two lakh students visit France for their higher studies. Additionally, France is one of the most affordable study destinations for pursuing an MBA.

Besides, France has long provided a geographic, economic, and linguistic bridge joining northern and southern Europe and known as one of the most important agricultural producers and the world’s leading industrial powers. Moreover, France has the fifth largest economy in the world with its service sector predominately contributing to over 70% of the GDP towards the country’s economy. Apart from this, tourism, energy, agriculture, technology are some of the key contributors to its economy. France is also recognized as one of the global leaders in the manufacturing sector, which includes automotive, aerospace, and railway as well as in cosmetics and luxury goods.  Furthermore, France has a highly diligent labor force topping the chart in producing the highest number of science graduates per thousand workers in Europe.

Apart from the quality higher education, the universities also assist the international students in getting acquainted with the French work culture through various paid and non paid internships. Moreover, students can also learn french which is the official language of France as well as one of the widely spoken languages throughout the world after English. International students excelling in French have a better chance of getting a job in France after completion of their studies.  Besides, international students can work up to 20 hours per week while studying in the universities. France also encourages young talent, especially in the field of entrepreneurship and innovation. Overall the students can experience the rich history of France in various aspects of culture, including philosophy, cuisine, music, art, film, fashion, literature, and sport.

It is recommended that students aspiring to study abroad, from the preparation, the courses and the admission process, to the paperwork and the visas.

Why Study In France?

  • Globally Recognized Universities

  • Quality higher education adapted to students’ needs.

  • Top-Notch Campuses

  • Globally Recognized Courses

  • Post-Study Work Opportunities

  • Safe and Friendly Country

  • Dynamic and Iconic Cultural Experience

  • Student-Friendly Campuses

  • Outstanding Research and Development Opportunities

Top universities in France

Top Courses in France

Top Courses in France

Price Range

Business Management

32,000 - 50,000

Fashion & Luxury Brand Management

14,000 - 25,000


12,000 - 20,000

Hospitality Management

14,000 - 16,000


14,000 - 30,000

Entrepreneurship & Innovation

14,000 - 35,000

France : Industry and Economic Outlook


France has the fifth largest economy in the world, with its service sector predominately contributing to over 70% of GDP towards the country’s economy.

In Demand sectors

  • Telecommunications

  • Banking

  • Tourism

  • Pharmaceuticals

  • Food Industry

Skill Shortages

  • Healthcare

  • Information Technology

  • Teaching

  • Legal professionals

  • Civil Engineers

  • Automobile Engineers.


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