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Ireland offers quality-assured international qualifications. The Irish higher education
system has 33+ higher education institutions offering an extensive range of over 2200 programs
at undergraduate, postgraduate and research levels, including affordable MBA programs.
Another key reason for many international students choosing Ireland as a popular study abroad
destination is the 24-months stay back period offered by the country. This, combined with the
flexibility for international students to work part-time for 20 hours per week and full-time for 40
hours per week, makes Ireland a worthy international education destination for aspiring students.
Ireland is considered to be one of the friendliest countries for international students in the world.
On the Global Peace Index, Ireland was ranked as the 10th most peaceful place in the world in
the year 2019. English is the universal spoken language in the country, and it’s one of the
reasons why so many multinational businesses locate their European base in Ireland.

Moreover, the booming Information and Communication Technology (ICT) industry, makes
Ireland one of the most-preferred countries for students aspiring to study abroad. The Irish
Education System also enables students who have the right skills to find suitable jobs with large
multinational companies in the technology and management sectors. Ireland, thus, makes an
excellent study abroad destination, primarily due to the quality of its education system, but also
because it’s a resourceful European country that is playing a key role in the advancement of
information and communication technology industries.

Study in Ireland to experience not just a high-quality education system, but also for its
picturesque locations, excellent connectivity with the rest of Europe, and a booming ICT
industry for seeking highly-skilled employment.

Why Study In Ireland?

  • 7+ Globally high ranked Public Research Universities

  • 14 World-Class Institutions of Technology

  • Among the world’s Most Peaceful and Safe Countries

  • Modern Campuses with Agile Infrastructure and Strong Digital Infrastructure

  • Information and Communication Powerhouse of Europe

  • 2 Years' Post-study Work Permit for Full-time Work up to 40 hours per week

  • 20 hours per week Part-time Work Permitted

  • European Headquarters of ICT Companies such as Microsoft, IBM, LinkedIn, Amazon

Top universities in Ireland

Top Courses in Ireland

Top Courses in Ireland

Price Range

Computer Science, Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence

12,000 – 21,000

Data Analytics

11,000 – 23,000

Software and App Development

13,000 – 25,000

Gaming and ICT

11,500 – 19,000

Finance, Accounting and Taxation

12,500 – 22,500

Financial Technology (FinTech)

14,000 – 25,000

International Business and Management

10,500 – 19,500


13,000 – 35,000

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