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United States is considered a preferred study destination for international students,
especially those wanting to pursue higher education. US also has the world’s top universities and
thus attracts the best international students from across the world. The US Higher Education
system offers a wide variety of institutions for International students, namely vocational
institutes, community colleges and universities. The United states also offers both Public and
Private institutions, each with its unique advantages and thus offers a wide choice of courses and
programs for international students. This coupled with world class faculty, research facilities and
instructional resources make the US favourable for International students. Further, the F1 student
visa that allows students to explore post study  work opportunities, makes the US a very
attractive study destination.

With the highest GDP, the USA is a hub for multinational companies, thus housing many
Fortune 500 and Fortune 1000 corporations and industries. Besides, the country is also the
financial hub of the world with Wall Street in New York as the most happening stock market
place and the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE), the largest stock exchange by market
capitalization under its sleeves. The employment opportunities and emerging sectors of the US
economy attract talent into the US from across the globe.

The USA is a land of opportunities and diversity which makes it such a great country. It is the
second-largest democracy in the world. Hence, the country enjoys a stable political climate and
has an enormous influence on the political dynamics of many countries around the world. It is no
surprise that out of the total student enrollment of 19 million in higher education, International
students comprise almost 1 million, which is over 5 % of the student population. California, New
York and Texas are the top states in terms of the total immigrant population as well as
international students.

Why Study In USA?

  • Wide variety of institutions

  • Top Ranking universities

  • Wide range of programs

  • High quality Education

  • Exposure to diverse cultures

  • Quality Instruction resources

  • Research focus and facilities

  • Post study work opportunities

  • Career opportunities in emerging sectors

  • Quality of life

Top universities in USA

Top Courses in USA

Top Courses in USA

Price Range

Business Management

14,000-45,000 per year


30,000 -58,000 per year

Maths and Computer Sciences

18000-47000 per year

Social Science

18000-47000 per year

Physical & life sciences

14000- 55000 per year

USA : Industry and Economic Outlook


The IT industry has been key to the economy’s recovery and has influenced most other industries with digitalization and advanced technologies such as artificial intelligence and machine learning. Health care has benefited from new technologies and a demand for increased products and services due to the growing and aging population.

  • Healthcare

  • Technology

  • construction

  • Retail

  • non -durable manufacturing

In Demand Job Sectors

  • Services related to Mining industry

  • Civil Engineering & construction

  • Beverage manufacturing

  • Personal Services

  • Direct Selling establishments

  • Real estate brokers and related services

Skill Shortages

The United states is facing an unprecedented skill shortage. As per a 2019 SHRM report 7 million jobs were open in December 2018 and only 6.3 people were unemployed and looking for jobs. There is a shortage of skilled workers to fill in the high skilled jobs. As per the top 3 missing technical skills are:

  • Trade skills

  • Data analysis/ data science

  • Science /engineering / medical

The top 3 missing soft skills are:

  • Problem solving, critical thinking

  • Negotiating in wake of complexity & ambiguity

  • Communication


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