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Complete Guide to MBBS in Russia

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Red Square

The Winter Palace in St. Petersburg and the Red Square in Moscow and are just a few of the iconic places that come to mind when international students think about Russia as a study abroad destination. However, studying in Russia is an experience that will surely take you far and beyond its well-known tourist destinations.

Due to its rich and diverse history, today the Russian culture is a complex mixture of tradition and innovation. The birthplace and home of some of the world’s most famed cultural figures from Dostoyevsky to Tchaikovsky, Tolstoy, Plisetskaya, and countless others, Russia has most definitely played a huge role in developing the global outlook on art forms like classical music, literature, ballet, and the fine arts.

In Russia, one can acquire in-depth, fundamental knowledge in every subject, but the country is known for its strong academic schools in physics, mathematics, and natural sciences. Russia is a renowned and recognized hub in training mathematicians, physicists, chemists, geologists, engineers, programmers, physicians, and specialists in other natural sciences.

Russia is one of the few countries which offers foreign citizens the opportunity to receive free tuition. The Russian government awards several thousand scholarships to international students every year. In 2020 universities were allocated 15,000 quotas. In addition, some categories of foreign citizens may apply for state-funded places on equal terms with Russians but outside the quotas. The other possibility is to take part in academic competitions organized by universities: the winners and laureates of these competitions are given preferential terms when enrolling at leading Russian universities.

Aside from its diverse culture, studying in Russia is made even more exciting with the fact that the country is home to 26 UNESCO World Heritage Sites, attracting millions of tourists from all over the world. Quite often Russian universities organize student trips to landmarks such as the Red Square, the Kremlin, and the Golden Mountains of Altai amongst many others, making Russia the perfect destination for students who love to explore.

Teaching method of Russian Universities

Russian Medical Universities has a low student-teacher ratio approximately (10:1) to facilitate the best learning atmosphere for students. The low student-teacher ratio makes sure that each and every student gets appropriate attention. The professors in Russian medical universities focus on the way that can help students to easily understand the course syllabus. In class, lessons are taught with practical training for easy understanding of concepts and topics. The teaching method is very efficient and focuses on the way that can help students to understand the subjects and topics easily.

Job Opportunities after MBBS

The medical degree of Russian Universities is recognized worldwide. Students can work anywhere in the world in their preferred location. Students can also apply for part-time employment while studying at Russian Universities. Most of the Russian universities help international students in finding part-time employment.

Cost-effective education

MBBS in Russia, MBBS Consultant, Study Abroad, Best Consultant in Siliguri, Best MBBS Abroad Destination,
Cost-effective education

Many Indian students believe that studying abroad will be out of their budget and they cannot afford to pay the fees and other expenses. But this is not true. Programs in the UK/Canada/USA can be way more expensive than in Russia. In Russia the tuition fees of studying at various universities for different degree course range somewhere between 243000 to 265000 INR per year

Admissions Guide to study MBBS in Russia

Many Indian students choose to take admission to Russian medical universities. The number of medical seats in India is less and the other alternatives are private colleges but due to their expensive fee structure, and so students chose to study MBBS Abroad. Students who qualify for the NEET exam can directly take MBBS admission to top medical universities of Russia. Here Growshala helps the students who want to pursue MBBS from Russia. We will counsel and assist you throughout the admission process in top-ranked medical colleges i8n Russia.

Medical Universities in Russia

Medical degrees from Russian universities are recognized by WHO/MCI. To name a few good medical universities in Russia are North Ossetian Medical Academy, Mordovia State University(MSU), and Ulyanovsk State University are all approved by WHO and MCI.

Practice in their home country

Indian students after completion of their MBBS course in Russia return to their home country for their medical practice. It is important to note that students need to clear the FMGE/NEXT exam too for practicing in India.

Medium of Instruction in Russian Universities

The medium of education in Russia’s universities is English and of course Russian. Most Medical universities provide MBBS courses in English for International students. English is a very common language in the world. This makes it easy for international students to study in Russia. Medical students are also given the training to learn the Russian language so that they can communicate with their patients during their training period.


In this blog, here we explain the complete guide to study MBBS in Russia and all the important things which every Indian student and their parents need to know before deciding to study MBBS in Russia or not.

We at Growshala help Indian students to fulfill their MBBS dreams. Growshala is the best and most professional Study Abroad consultant in Siliguri. They give free counseling and also provide free IELTS coaching to all study abroad aspirants.

Our team at Growshala will counsel and assist you throughout the admission process in top-ranked medical colleges across the globe. At Growshala we will help you shortlist the courses and colleges as per your profile and preferences. Our documentation team will make sure that application forms are devoid of any errors and assist you with getting a scholarship, education loan, and student visa.

It gets even better because here at Growshala we also help you get a SIM card, open a bank account, exchange foreign currency, other pre-departure and post landing assistance.


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